About Us
Why Krishna Decors?

Krishna Decors was established in 2014. We provide Garware, Solar Grad(Saint Global), Wepaint, Safety Films, Privacy / Frost Film, Sun Control Film products.

We have successfully manage to build our own franchise agencies throughout South India such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana. So far we have installed smart Switchable glass film on Hotels, Restaurants, Cars, Corporate Offices, Flats, Banglows. Smart film switchable or Switchable smart glass privacy film is private frosted and opaque when powered off and transparent clear when powered on.

Krishna Decors is incredibly flexible, friendly and easy to work with customer. Our list of services are widely acknowledged to assure you get the best quality service; Anytime.

The benefits of Window Films will convince you that you definitely need for your car, building, office, shop and residence.

Saves Energy

Sun Control significantly reduces air conditioning costs by rejecting about 75% of total solar energy incidence on the glass.

Bloccks Harmful UV Rays

Films are UV (Ultra Violet) stabilized, which block up to 99% of the harmful Ultra Violet Rays thus protecting you from dangerous skin diseases.

Boosts Aesthetics

Film is available in a number of shades in a range of light transmission levels which adds beauty and elegance of your car, residence or office.

Higher Light Transmission

Superior and clearer base film used for making helps in having higher light transmission through the film but at the same time blocks the heat.

Provides Greater Safety

when bonded with glass, makes the glass shatter resistant. This provides additional safety from flying splinters in the event of accidental breakage.

Eliminates Glare

Film adds to your comfort by eliminating up to 80% of the sun glare.

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